islamic art vs christian art

Assignment 13

The artistic prohibition that islamic religious art has that Christian art does not is the use of iconoclasm. There is no physical image of god or other gods. Instead the Koram is celebrated as the image of god because pictures were not favored in the islamic religion.
Much islamic art uses the message of islam, the language of its holy book, the Koran, and the arabic form of writing for decoration and religious significance. The koran is and the message that there is only one god is celebrated as the representation of god instead
Although images were not meant to be worshipped, in certain times and places people did make images of muhammad the prophet. But these images were not meant to be religious images or meant to be worshipped. Not images of a saint or god but they're images of muhammad as a historical figure and people were not supposed to pray to them but learn more about the history of their religion.
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