Alfred's Gallery of fine arts

My art gallery is all about historic paintings, fine glass and ancients artifacts. Art pieces such as The Odysseus, Ganesha, Foot of a falls, A brooch and a jug. 

I love how detail the rocks and water are. You can see the movement of the wave colliding with the rocks. This art work is clearly in a one point perspective
Art work is quite mysterious with surrealism of an elephant. This show history of hinduism and what it represents.
Chinese art style sometime amuses me. I don't know but the patterns and color are unique from the other paintings
The colors didn't have any shading or lighting but the texture makes it look so historical. Especially the leafs and the wave.
I can't see this as a lamp but the patterns and the object itself is beautiful. contrast on the emblem in the middle of the lamp.
the man in the middle show more contrast the guy in the back. The texture on the uniform is pretty well done. And the color of the cloak sticks out from the rest.
In this portrait , He just look like he struggling in this picture. The color is only show brown,grey and white due to the fact that this is an very old photos.
I chose the piece because of it pattern and textures. the color is almost similar to one another that it is bit hard to tell
unlike the brooch , the color sticks out more but the contrast is almost the same but you can tell what is what in the art. is very beautiful for a window
The claret jug weird to be called a jug. The pattern are bunch of leaves on each faces and the color is nothing but gold and silver.
Credits: All media
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