Beautiful Textures-(Daniel Loyola)

This gallery will include representations of the textures of natural elements depicted in paintings composed by several different artists in different time periods.

From Nature in the Garden depicts the texture of flowers. The background makes good contrast with the foreground showing the texture of the flowers in fine detail.
An Artist Studying from Nature depicts a landscape representing nature. The textures here are shown in beautiful shapes. The elements include trees, humans, mountains, water, buildings, clouds and the sky.
From Nature depicts the texture of a tree bark. Painted in black and white, the artist shows the the contrast between the shapes of the tree exposing its inherent texture. The vertical lines run through the painting and the shadows help it expose its fantastic texture. The tree is not in the center but of to the left making the viewer pay attention to its form.
The Memory of Nature depicts the expression of the textures of nature through the wild and chaotic organization of its inherit natural form. Here the textures pop out through contrasts of light and shadows. One can get easily lost in the painting while exploring the textures within.
Leaf Skeletons depicts the texture of the leaves in black and white. The three leaves have three different shades of grey with the lines of their stems pointing in different directions. The textures of these leaves are gritty and express how they look in the natural world.
The Memory of Nature depicts the structure of texture of a flower in contrast with textures of colors. Here, the artist makes you squint your eyes in order to see what lies within. The details of the textures can barely be seen which makes for an interesting psychological effect.
The Abundance of Nature is a beautiful painting which depicts the texture of the flowers in bright colors. The colors within the painting give a clear understanding of the texture of the leaves of the flower. From top to bottom one can see all the shapes and textures of the its natural form. The contrast between the background and foreground makes the textures pop out towards the viewer showing off its natural context. This is a very beautiful painting.
Nature Studies depicts beautiful branches of trees hovering over a lake. Here textures can be found easily all over the painting. Lines flow from left to right making the viewer look around deep into the painting. These textures are also shown in the reflection of the water in perfect harmony. The contrast between shadows and light help the textures pop out. The background is a bit blurry giving it a different kind of obscured texture that is very appealing and natural.
Harmony Between Human and Nature depicts textures in beautiful bright colors. Here, one can find every texture imaginable. In the background are mountains covered by snow and condensing clouds. On the lake one can see the texture of the reflecting light from the sun. The textures of the trees along the bank of the lake is very clear. In the foreground textures of rocks and grass give this painting a photographic sense of harmony between nature and texture as though the painting is a picture.
Nature Morte depicts textures in a moment in time. Here, gravity takes hold of the elements in nature showing off its natural force. This black and white painting makes good contrast of the shadows and lights that expresses the texture inherent within its context. The viewer finds that the textures are hard to find but very defined once discovered. In the middle is a table with elements that are in use or about to be used. This gives the painting a sense of movement as though someone might enter at any moment to engage in rearranging the placement of the pottery. These textures are amazing. From within, if one chooses to look closely, one can make out shapes of faces and other expressive elements.
Credits: All media
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