ArtsyTecture Perspective 

Beautiful one point perspective.
Although it looks flat when you first look at it; it's more like a fisheye perspective, i wasn't so sure what this is until i looked very closely and saw all the bamboos. I loved it regardless.
This is a nice black and white fisheye perspective.
This too is a fisheye perspective. Even though i like the colors, the main reason i did include it here is because after looking at it, it helped me visualize the other fisheye perspective of bamboos.
I love this piece of Art. It's kind of confusing and hard for me to tell what perspective this is, but when i follow that white trail it feels like a one point perspective.
Beautiful one point perspective.
And another fine one point perspective.
This looks like a section view architectural drawing, it's in a beautiful one point perspective.
I've got to say i love this one and the one point perspective on the very left side is just beautifully made.
This is an old two point perspective photo of the gigantic legendary piece of architectural beauty.
Three point perspective photo of a nice piece of art.
Three point perspective into silence!
One point perspective, always nice.
Again a nice one point perspective.
I like this one point perspective photo.
This is a very beautiful two point perspective.
Two point perspective. very nice colors.
Another one point perspective.
This is a beautiful painting that i thought was a 2 point perspective at first but when i looked closely i now believe it's a one point perspective. love it.
Two point or 3 point perspective? Was hard for me to tell because some of the lines are not perfectly vertical but i realized that they are on an angle so i decided that it's a two point perspective.
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