The sea of natural color

This gallery will show the use of color with paintings, mostly depicting things of nature. Most specifically...the ocean.

This shows a good use of color to show distance, scale, and quite beautiful natural beauty.
This one shows very beautiful contrast using color. Things like the mountain in the back, the little waves in the for ground, and the little buildings in the distance.
This showed a very nice use of color to show distance and detail such as the city, the people, and the mountain town in the distance.
This shows attention to detail with the use of color. The sun light hitting the sides of the buildings and the trees. the use of color shows this almost pieceful mood, serial mood.
This piece shows excitement through the use of light and shadow. The attention to details of the lights gives this almost alive and festive.
This a very simple, but affective use of color. The attention to detail, including the building in the background, the rocks, the lake in the distance is very well done. It has this soothing feel.
The use of red and the attention to detail are really nice. The colors are varied, and add depth to this piece.
This piece works wonders for what it's depicting. The natural colors give this almost photo like quality, as if you're actually there.
This piece is very well done. The use of color gives the image an almost photo image look. It's very well done and very stunning.
This is nice. The use of color gives this piece a very calm and relaxing mood. The use of calm blues and bright yellow and pink gives it a soothing feel to it.
This piece is very well done. I like how the trees bend and sway around and the calm light give it a nice feel.
This gives a grand scale. The use of color gives a sense of depth with use of dark colors.
This is a very odd, but a very beautiful use of color to show motion in action.
I like this. It's simple, but it's so pieceful with the use of blue. The people add such a cute story by just being in the picture.
The use of water color works very nice. The use of color adds a pieceful, yet somber mood to it.
This piece is nice. Simple, but easy to understand with the use of color. The colors allow us to know which is which.
Credits: All media
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