Love True Power

Movement In Love. This gallery includes representation of and how far love can go. How far love will take you, love for a fallen love one or love for a past/present friend.To the process of letting someone go.  Love has no boundaries. Spending time with the one you love, makes the bond unbreakable. These artists show the true meaning of love. 

The Bird Catcher painting show’s a family next to a large house relaxing, enjoying one another’s company. Love is truly a powerful thing. It pulls people closer together. It makes family bonds stronger and unbreakable, as we can see here in this painting. The Bird Catcher painting uses a good use of space. The colors that were used in this picture made every one pop out. They complimented each other well. The colors didn’t blend with each other
The Vampire painting fit’s this theme because it shows the love that they missed, or the love that they lost, maybe for a family member or maybe the love that they missed for each other. The texture in this painting seems to be smooth, because the on how the artist began painting. The color that was use in this painting was dark especially on the male, maybe to signify a fault that he did or maybe a death in the family. The bright fire red and orange compliment each other and she stands out from the black.
Couple Reading panting fit's the theme because, love has to be work on. The longer your spent time with the one you care about, that love will grow. The blacks aren't fighting with each other. You could tell a little similarity between the two with him wearing a sliver pendant and the lady wearing a gold on. The colors that are surrounding the couple are very warm, bring a home feeling to this painting the space in this painting tells us that they love being close to each other, enjoying ones company.
La Promenade painting, we see a happily married couple spending time together. Love can one grow by spending time with the one you love. The texture in the La Promenade seems to be rough, by the looks of the brush's trails. Also by looking at the detail of the two married couple, heavy detail on the wedding dress. The colors in La Promenade compliment each other very well nothing seems to blend together. The colors don’t seem to be fighting with each other, making each one stand out.
The summers painting, we see a couple spending time together, cherishing each other, enjoying one other company. In the Summers painting, Space was use to show how vast the area is and how far the two couples are from the storm. The texture seems to be rough, with the heavy detail, with the grass, and the dark sky. The colors are bright and warm despite the dark stormy sky. With the greens, and yellow that show the different patches of grass, which make the flowers pop out.
In the Lamia painting we see a knight getting ready to go to war, and his love pleading with him not to go. This paint fits the theme because; your heart will hurt when someone you love leaves. In Lamia painting space was used to show the distance from the two lovers and the trees. This painting seem be rough because of the heavy shading of colors and the detail on the knights armor. All the colors that were used in this beautiful paining compliment each other very well, to the color on the woman’s dress.
In Kiss form the series painting, texture seem to be smooth, although the details that are in this painting are heavy. By using different shades of black and white makes thing seem really and makes every detail pop right out of the painting. You can see the lines in the dress, in the tree. Theses color compliment each other, like yin and yang.
In the History of Love painting, shows two lovers that have been together for some time. This painting shows the bond and the love that they have for each other. In the history of love, the texture looks rough with the heavy detail on the hair. The colors in this painting are bright and yet dark. The yellows green with the black back ground makes it pop and stand out. The colors that were use in this painting seem to compliment each other. They show every detail with the hair, the wrinkles on their hands, too the eyebrows on the man face.
In the Orpheus and Eurydice painting. Show me love is a very hard to lose, even when the person is out of your life. The texture in this painting looks really smooth, but look rough. The space was used to show the physical distance from where they are to the rock. The colors are dark, with the black indicating shadows, the brown seem to be fighting with the black.
In the Endless Love painting, the tittle say it all. Love is endless,love goes beyond death. The colors that are being used in this painting shows how deep love can take someone. There are a lot of dark blacks and Soft blues. Black was used to signify death. Blues that signify loneliness or sad. The space between these two people in the painting show that they were very closes or deeply in love.
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