"Every age projects its own image in its arts." The Roccoco art period was a time in which art was lighter and less formal, especially compared to the pieces present during the previous Baroque period. It's soft pastels, and leisurely settings help to make it a unique period of art.

As a preview to the art gallery, I have provided a video that further expands on the Rococo style above. To comment on the piece "Madame de Pompadour," Its choice of color and subject bring out the evidence of it being a piece from the Rococo period. The pastels give it a feeling of softness, and the posing woman is dressed refinely, and her stance gives her a luxurious, and leisurely look. All of these characteristics being from the Rococo period.
"Les Plaisirs du Bal" is another Rococo painting, similar in the sense of its color choice, and setting. The setting is leisurely, and gives a feeling of enjoyment, and fun. The colors add to this, making it easily characterized as a Rococo piece.
Painted by Nicolas de Largillierre, "Portrait de la comedienne" has a feeling of innocence to it, which is partially due to the color choice; pastel. The background provides a certain softness to the piece as well, being another characteristic of the Rococo period.
In addition to there being many paintings that are categorized as Rococo art, many architectural styles can be described by this period as well. The room pictured has both the soft, and luxurious feeling we see in many pieces of Rococo art. Thus, this room can be considered a masterpiece as well.
"Madame Bergeret" is another painting, created by Francois Boucher, a well known Rococo artist. Th woman pictured has a certain aura of sophistication to her, and a feeling of luxury. The artist gave her clothing a soft look, but still managed to keep her refined as well.
Immediately as you look at this picture, you can see the light paste colors of pink and blue, and traces of soft white. These colors help to make it evidently clear that "Portrait of a Young Nobleman," is a Rococo piece.
"L'Amante inquiete" is another Rococo art piece that can easily be categorized as so. The colors, being nearly the most important means of classifying Rococo art, are the signature pastels of the period. The subject itself seems luxurious, and relaxed, being another signature ideal of the Rococo art period.
Finally, "Blind-Man's Buff," a painting by Jean-Honore Fragonard. This piece has all of the implements of Rococo art, including, soft pastels, a leisurely setting, and an overall happy mood. Thus, this piece can be definitely described as a Rococo art masterpiece.
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