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The purpose of this gallery is to display the different styles of canvas painting within the realm of music. Each painting has a unique pattern or contrast to them that makes them different from all the rest. By the end of this gallery, hopefully you will have learned more about the artists and their portrayal of music.

Juan Gris is the artist for my first three paintings, all of which display a guitar in an odd manner. Within this canvas painting, the guitar seems to be strewn about, inside other materials such as papers and the table itself. The artist gives depth to this painting through bold colors and shading.
This painting, similar to the first, is an oddly shaped guitar that is laying on top of a table. This time, the guitar seems to be more of an object, as it is painted all one color and given depth. The table and the papers within this piece are also disorganized and strewn about as they were in the first painting.
This third painting by Gris seems to embody both of the previous canvas paintings. Within this painting, there is a guitar that is given more detail than the first, but less than the second. The guitar begins to blend in with the objects within the room as it gets closer to the ocean. The title describes this guitar as sitting in front of the sea, which only appears to be in a small section of this painting. This painting has a small form of depth, but for the most part, the painting seems very two-dimensional.
Within this canvas painting by Bartholomeo Betterea, it depicts the workspace of a musician. The main focus of this painting seems to be the wooden textured piano in the center of the room. On top of this piano, there is what appears to be a violin and some sheet music closer to the back of the painting.
This canvas piece is much like the previous one, its displays the cluttered workspace of a musical talent. The center piece of this painting seems to be a box covered in a rug with multiple instruments a top it. These instruments include a more classical style guitar and a violin. This painting also has more sheet music scattered throughout the area. As much as there is a lot of movement within the painting, there is still a great amount of negative space within the top half of the painting.
Once again, this is another canvas piece displaying the workspace of a musical talent. Unlike the last however, this area seems to be much less cluttered and more well organized. This painting does have similarities to the previous ones, such as the violin and the sheet music.
The next two canvas paintings deal with people within the paintings, rather than just instruments. Within this piece, it seems to depict a woman playing the piano to an attentive man. This seems to be within a personal residence, as the piano is in a more compact state. There also seems to be a large cello laying on the floor next to a chair as well. This painting creates a considerable amount of depth as the people are across the room from the viewer's perspective. The artist creates this depth through shading and scale as the room goes further back.
This canvas piece has a strong resemblance to the previous one, only that instead of the man listening to the woman play, he is teaching her it seems. They are also playing what seems to be a mandolin rather than the piano. The surroundings are similar as the first as well, as there is a cello laying atop the table, not being played. With all of these different aspects within one single painting, the painting does however display a large amount of negative space, as the walls are left barren.
This canvas creation is much more abstract than the first few that we have looked at. Choung's depiction of music, seems to be more emotional and more creative than literally just seeing the instruments. This painting seems to be displaying the emotion that Choung feels when listening to music, rather than displaying the instruments in which create that emotional connection.
This canvas piece is very creative just like the last. Sonni's depiction of music seems to be that of a joyous one judging by the intensity of the paintings colors. We can see different aspects of music, such as the record player, music notes and the cassette tape, all have smiling faces within them. This painting seems to personify music, as if each aspect were its own being.
Credits: All media
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