Some of my favorites...in no particular order

blue mood
market revolution
hunger games
right before the brumaire
modern warfare
she has an installation in grant park in chicago
2 dimensions to colonization
often obscured in society
natural historic preservation through destruction of humans
don't take the hemlock!
George Washington sneaking across the Delaware to kill British and their Hessian forces in their sleep on Christmas eve.
I wish they showed his entire installation for this.
A century ahead of his time...thanks Vasily
propaganda for westward expansion
interesting that the woman, probably the mom is wearing western style clothing, children are in traditional
Catlin first encountered him en route to D.C. wearing traditional clothing. he then saw him again upon his return....the man was killed a few months after being painted by his fellow tribe members for betraying his heritage
realities of the gilded age
by 1924 a Model T rolled off the assembly line every 7 minutes
I would like to know how Genovese would react to this
honorable reformer, safe to say she would probably be very disappointed in American society
look at a contemporary photo...note the differences
I want to hike the half dome...the North Face
I really like the message
you can cast a wide net...but you don't need to dredge the ocean!
this story is disturbing, i like the modern perspective
one of the greatest photographers in America
I think chicago had something to do with this...
is he dreaming of a car?
always above us, and not obtainable
why chairs?
falconry....it is wrapped around her finger and it is fed up!
reflection of the 1920's in many ways
i don't think most people care about prudence anymore
when i see these types of paintings i think of conspicuous consumption. this bounty laid out and seems to go to waste
so cool
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