The art of the United States of America: American Neoclassicism and American Romanticism

This is an example of Neoclassicism in America; it is a depiction of a man realistically, although it is not yet realism.
This was an everyday man doing everyday things, depicted in a fashion similar to reality (as in he was not beautified); this is a textbook example of American Neoclassicism.
Although this man is not handsome by our standards, he has shining skin and few blemishes; obviously a stylized, Romantic depiction.
This was an example of early American romanticism from the Hudson River School. The area which Cole is depicting could not look exactly like this- it was an idealization of sorts.
This depiction of Mrs Madison is an excellent example of American Neoclassicism- the art of the common man. It also offered a portrayal of humans much closer to reality than had been previously seen.
This is also an example of Neoclassicism- realistic portrayals of everyday things.
These ordinary people are painted in a realistic Neoclassicism fashion.
Although this is a depiction of the common man, the colors are very clearly unrealistic; because of this it is very clearly Romanticism. It is from the Artist-Explorer kind of Romanticism.
This is an example of Artist-Explorer Romanticism. The place painted is in the West, and its colors and vibrancy are likely stylized.
This is from the Hudson River School form of Romanticism, with beautiful use of color and flowing figures.
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