Art Principles

By: Rachel Mars

Balance- I chose this picture for balance because if you split it in half it would be symmetrical on both sides. This would be symmetrical balance.
Repetition- I chose this picture for repetition because the artist used the same pattern over and over again.
Emphasis- I chose this picture for emphasis because the blue will catch the viewers attention before the white will. The blue fades into the white.
Contrast- I used this picture for contrast because the rabbit has a fuzzy texture but the background looks flatter and doesn't have as much texture. The rabbit stands out against the background.
Unity- This picture represents unity because all the colors blend together and makes you think that everything is meant to be there.
Proportion- This picture represents proportion because the dots get smaller as they go farther back. It makes you think that they are actually going towards the back and it isn't just a picture.
Variety- This picture represents variety because there are a lot of different flowers to look at and the picture is very "busy". There are many different things to look at in the picture.
Movement- This picture represents movement because it looks like the horse is in motion. The horse is not standing still.
Credits: All media
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