Evolution of war

Though it hasn't been around since the very beginning of time, war was always there. Struggles between two beings, whether that be of the mind battling itself, people, groups, even countries have existed almost as long as the Earth was created. For leaders, it determines who's right, but for soldiers, it determines who's left. That is why we progress our weapons technology, so that we can survive longer than the enemy. Throughout time our higher ups have blinded the truth of war with statements of pride in our country, for glory and honor. Today, we fantasize about war through our video games, believing that war is a thrill seekers heaven. But this is all an illusion to the horror and bloody truth that's in front of death's door. We have this idea in our head that if we evolve our weapons, that the other side will surely lose. So we upgrade from swords to bows, bows to catapults, catapults to ships, muskets, cannons, and so on. Yet the only thing we accomplished was increasing our casualty count. It was once on a battlefield where the two sides would clash it out, but they started taking more extreme measures and invaded cities and homes. Now, with the flick of a switch, we can kill thousands of people. Over time, it's become easier to kill.

The Island of Mactan in the Philippines. War at first consisted of two armies, big or small, fighting each other at a open place fighting to the death until one side is dead. In this time, the only upgrade to weapons was the style and material. From wooden to iron or steel, we see the Spanish with metal armor and shields bashing on the wooden shields with their steel swords. Yet somehow, they lost losing not only this land, but their leader Ferdinand Magellan.
Taking place in the waters of Savudrija, Croatia, was between Venetian fleets and the Holy Roman Empire. 105 galleys total, in six hours of battle with a surprise attack from the Venetians consisting of only 30 galleys, they defeated the Romans. These galleys had no cannons and were run by rows.
Arabs battling with swords, spears, and horses. If we count horses, then they were a step up from fighting on the ground. Though they can't swing in every direction, the horses increase their speed in not only transportation but in attacking as well. A sword slice from a warrior on a horse could cut a head off.Once again another example of the primitive start of weaponry.
Chiana Valley, Italy. During the beginning of firearms, muskets were invented. But because it was so new, not very many were made so sword and spears were still a major use in battle.
Using muskets and cannons, armies were able to destroy their enemies without coming to close physical contact. With these, not only more deaths occurred but more severe injuries occurred and city destruction was at a high.
When lining the troops in 2-3 lines to fire at the enemy lines, perhaps they thought of chivalry in a way, but it's clear that they still wanted a fair fight as they would get in these lines to fire at the enemy until one of them is dead or surrenders.
This is the most common face of war: death. It may not be as gruesome as it really is, but it's an example. The only ones who love war are those who haven't experienced it. They are blinding back home by illusions through video games, movies, etc.
Though I can't say through experience that this is 100% right, I believe this is more accurate to what war would really look like back then and even today.
Once improvement to ground weapons were made, the ships were up in line. From wood to metal, guns on every side and run by steam not man, ships became a deadly force to all who dare cross its waters.
As ships became immensely better, surprise attacks on them lost its touch until the invention of torpedos. Once these two embrace, the water will flow through sinking this hunk of floating metal.
As airplanes became a weapon, they couldn't fly across the waters if they wanted to fight somewhere else across the great oceans. Convoys were their answer carrying them from one land to the other. Now both land, sea, and sky were no longer safe from war.
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