Elements of art

Line- It is one continuous line, it is not implied,it is not vertical, the line directs my attention to the darkest part of the artwork.
Form- It does create realism, and it does look three dimensional. It does create density, because the lines get closer together in certain parts.
Value- The value does give it a three dimensional look, and it does make it look realistic, ti does create contrast between the foreground and background.
Shape- It is geometric, some of the shapes are organic some are not, it is simple.
Texture- It is not actual or real, it is simulated, and it is smooth and soft because every texture seems to flow into the next one.
Space- It looks 3-d,it is an illusion of depth and perspective,it is overlapping where the paper with the flower on it meets the landscape, it is deep, and positive.
Color- There is a mix of all different colors including greens, blues, purples, oranges, yellows, etc. Yes the colors can correspond to nature, because some of the colors can be found in nature. Id say the cool colors are the dominant ones and they are dull.
Credits: All media
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