In Primo Levi's autobiography Survival in Auschwitz, he portrays the dehumanizing evils of the Holocaust through  racism, religious prejudice, and brutality the Jews faced during World War II. 

When Primo and the other Jews got to the concentration camp, the SS officers would not give them water, and the water they did have was not sanitary. The SS officers deprived the Jew of the basic necessities of food and would give them small portions of bread.
Other prisoners would not want to work with Primo, due to the fact he could be klutzy. I feel like this photo depicts isolation because Primo and other prisoners feel isolated.
In the photo, it shows a blind man walking past dead and disfigured bodies. I feel like it shows that the SS officers and everyone who played are part in the Holocaust did not see the pain they afflicted
In the book all of the prisoners were forced to strip down and shave their hair. I feel like this photo shows dehumanization by stripping the people's identity and making them the SS own puppet, without any care for the person. They also take away a person's belongings and put them into certain clothes making the their own property.
Even though Russia was attacking the camps and all of Germany, the Jews were not allowed in the bomb shelters and had to fend for themselves. Even though at times there was no food, water, or light, the Jews in the concentration camp just stopped caring.
During the Winter, the camps would become over crowded and the SS officers would have to reduce the population. They were put together and had to run from Quartermaster's office and the sleeping quarters.The officers would then choose whom the were going to dispose of, but before, they get double serving of food before being sent to their deaths.
In November, the prisoners had to work out in the cold rain and mud with out any protection from the elements. This shows that they did not care about the Jews enough to at least give them proper working clothes, but instead treated them like animals
Even though there is destruction, pain, and suffering going through the camp, Primo has to persist through the pain and keep living and working hard. While others want to give up and just die from being beaten down, Primo's persistence helps give him the will to stay alive
The SS officers saw the Jews as just objects, not as actual humans. This photo reminds me of when Alex, the Kapo, gets grease on his hand and wipes it on Primo as if he had no feeling and as if he were just an object he could do whatever he wanted to.
Although Primo is Jewish, he questions god and fights with his demons. In this photo it shows his personal turmoil and conflicts in Auschwitz
I really like this photo because it shows deception and thats what the Holocaust was. It was sot out as a great thing that had its evil side hiding under the show of it all. Little do people know what actually happened inside the concentration camps
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