America: An Embattled History

This gallery is the story of America as soon by its soldiers. The composition requirement is American battle scenes.

You can hardly start any conversation  about the United States with George Washington being mentioned.
This, in my opinion, is "the" iconic image of the revolutionary war.
This image depicts the troubles that troubles that European settles and the American Indians had. American Indians and European settlers clashed often, typically with fatal results.
This image is a depiction of the moments leading up to the execution of a man who was an avid abolitionist during the Civil War.
The confusion and chaos is depicted very well in this piece. There seems to be a general direction of fire, but other than that chaos rains.
This Image is a graphic depiction of the results of war
This is another example of what men will do to each other.
Little can be said about American History or American Wars without President Lincoln being injected into the conversation.
WW I. One of the most tragic and gruesome times that Americans at war have faced.
General John "Blackjack" Pershing. I chose the portrait of this man as I have a personal connection to him. The unit I was attached to in the military was named the Blackjack Squadron.
This piece depicts the aftermath of a gas attack during WWI.
The greatest day in the war history of America. D-Day, WW II
This is a depiction of the Nazi war machine being brought to trial after WW II.
This is the Citadel in the City of Hue, in South Vietnam. This was one of the most embattled city's Americans fought in during the Vietnam War.
This is a realization of the toll war takes on us all.
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