The romantic era

Welcome!! My gallery consists of a variety of paintings from several different artists. Several paintings illustrate the themes presented during this era such as nostalgia for a wilderness lost to progress as well as scenes that represent a metaphor for a moral or religious sentiment. All of the paintings present in this gallery interested me in some way. Every artwork is unique and different; presenting their own styles and concepts, which ultimately allows the audience to view each painting with a different perspective. I hope the audience and whoever views this gallery enjoys each art piece as much as I did.                  ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Thomas Doughty incorporated a variety of vivid colors that ultimately captured my attention. The scene itself truly depicts a beautiful image of nature and essentially illustrates the true essence of nature.
This particular painting represents the Garden of Eden, a well known religious concept. Thomas Cole captures the entirety of nature, in a sense of its beauty and state of calmness. Thomas Cole depicts nature as lively as well as lucid. When I view this painting, I wish this was my reality; somewhere I could experience such beauty.
Asher B. Durand illustrates a common scene of nostalgia for a wilderness lost to progress. The indian looks as if he is praising the beauty of nature, which is truly symbolic and extraordinary. By shadowing the trees and other elements, the sunrise is easily detectable and more significant in the painting.
When I first looked at this picture, I was taken aback by the beauty of such a painting. Watching a sunset occur is one of the most beautiful experiences, in my opinion. This painting brings a sort of nostalgic "vibe," where I visualize myself being in this very artwork. The bright and vivid colors captured my attention entirely.
Robert Scott Duncanson was among the few African American painters with an active career during the 19th century. This scenic painting beautifully portrays the simplicity of nature and its composure. The individuals look as if they are journeying through nature, experiencing everything nature itself has to offer.
One day I hope to visit Lake Tahoe and this painting allowed me to visualize the true beauty of such a place. The colors in the painting represent nature at its peak during fall season. The shades of yellow and green perfectly blend together and provides a simplistic setting.
The bright colors used by Thomas Moran entranced me, in a sense that I could not look away from the painting. The attention to detail is truly remarkable, which quickly drew me in and allowed me to examine the artwork with more depth. As I look at this painting, sometimes I cannot breathe because of how beautiful this setting is.
I enjoyed viewing the colors of fall in this painting such as the bright shades of orange as well as yellow. The scenic view is very beautiful and pleasing to look at. A common theme present in this painting is the idea of nostalgia for a wilderness lost to progress. As beautiful as the scene is, the train in the background causes the "true" beauty of nature to diminish.
The attention to detail in this still life painting truly left me in awe. The colors used are vivid as well as bright and perfectly balanced. I personally have a fascination with flowers so this painting was very captivating to me. I could imagine smelling the various scents of each flower, where the aroma flows through the entire room.
The mother holding her baby creates a loving environment, reminding me of my mother and I when I was around that age. This painting depicts a very innocent stage of life for the child. The colors are very vivid as well as bright and ultimately blend together nicely.
This picture captures the everyday activities you might have seen during this era. The women tended to the kitchen and other house duties. What interested me the most was how confident she looks and her overall demeanor. It looks as if she is very outgoing, which makes me want to know her in reality.
This particular painting of the beach captures the more dark approach of nature. This painting reveals the unpredictability of nature, and also portrays that one does not have to used bright and vivid colors to show the beauty of nature. It looks as if a storm will soon engulf its surroundings, as it did with my emotions.
George Henry Durrie illustrates a beautiful winter scene of a farmyard. The colors in the painting contrast well with the white snow and sets a simplistic style and beauty.
This painting depicts a scenic view of a ship in a harbor. The colors are of a very soft palette. Robert Salmon beautifully illustrates the details of the ships as well as their surroundings.
Henry Inman illustrates a very beautiful and captivating young woman. I enjoy the attire during this time period and her demeanor interested me the most. Her poise and attitude are confident and very intriguing.
The Native American culture is very beautiful and I believe George Catlin did an amazing job to depict such beauty. The detail in his face as well as clothing is remarkable and entrancing. It seems as if the native american is staring into the viewers soul, which was truly captivating as well as interesting.
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