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Architectures/ Painting in the Italian Renaissance/Places I want to go

In this painting you can see the confusion and the pain in the people. This was Da Vinci's vision how this supper was played to be. He did a great job for us to feel the pain and betrayal. He used colors that were dull to show how sad it was. He was detailed in everyone's face expression. He made it feel like if we were there having the conversation with them.
This painting is very bright. Can you see how he puts a halo over Mary. Does this mean she's a saint? This is painting is very peaceful. You see that artist was trying to show how the 3 kings felt when they found baby Jesus. It was a comfort feeling. I would like to go visit this painting in Washington.
This architecture has always me been the world of wonders. The Leaning Tower of Pisa. I would love to go visit. Although this was a mistake because the building was meant to be straight. The arches in the Leaning tower. The precise lines. This building was done with a life time change.
If I was able to go on vacation this is where I want to go Italy to be able to see the Renaissance time. Be able to explore Italy and it's architecture. To feel the awe and the vibe of the people. Although this was place was used for a negative cause at the time this building has so in and out that I want to be able to tour.
Being able to go to Washington D.C to see the Lincoln Memorial would be breath taking. This Memorial has been around for decades. This architecture means so much. It mean "Hope." not because he was the president but because he fought for what was right. Equality. The lines and his facial expressions made this feel so real.
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