A brief view of music and how it helps affects the growth of the modern man over the last 500 years. No matter what culture, race, creed or timeframe we are all from, the one universal language to any situation is music.

This art came out circa 1570 and shows a writer creating the theme and notes for the lady to play. The mid to bright color scheme gives the impression of a joyous moment in creating a unique sound
The bright colors and festive faces gives way to a happy moment in which the singers uses music to connect with the viewers below. This perspective is similar to the stages artist use now to perform.
This still life of music instruments and books gives the aura of intelligence and culture. The balance used to keep everything in focus shows the importance of keeping these items in life.
As technology grew, so has the need to increase the range in which we receive our music. The symmetrical picture stands tall and gives the idea of nostalgia to the viewer.
As the women are playing, this gives the art the idea of movement. The emphasis is placed on the lady standing and then focuses on the other players second. This is symbolic of groups with a lead.
Even through out dangerous times, people can turn to music as a form of escape. The balance used to show each soldier is very well done. The unity among everyone is shown in their happy faces.
The monotone color keeps the focus on how hard the young man is working. Also, the emphasis is placed on the kid. Music is understood at a young age and can become a great talent to grow with you.
Three musical prodiges working on their craft. The balance used in the picture shows each of the three musicians equally focused and important to the theme. Also, movement is shown as they play.
The angle makes the harp seem larger and the emphasis of the picture. Movement is shown by the players fingers. This beauty in something seems simple but, she had to work hard to make it seem easy.
This shows a modern day version of a troupe or orchestra practicing. The emphasis is place on the conductor as the light shown down on him. The group shows focus as they are working to become great.
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