Representations of Women through artistic history

I wanted to create a gallery that depicted how art has viewed women through the ages, how the artistic eye of society through history has possibly changed or evolved.

In the piece depicted, it is a statue of a goddess from 8000 years ago. Today, the woman depicted in the statuary would be considered obese. But this is believed to have been attractive at that time.
This seems to be a charcoal drawing of the goddess Roma. There were women at this time that dressed conservative and not, just as today. Despite her dress, Roma sits noble and proud, spear in hand.
This statuary represents Minerva, Roman counterpart to Greek goddess Athena. Athena was one of many goddesses that was depicted as a virgin goddess, and dresses conservatively here to reflect this.
An oil painting of Calypso saving Ulysses from falling off a cliffside. In this piece, we can see that Calypso is painted as a normal woman, not the sort of women we are used to seeing in media today.
In this piece, there are myriad sketches of women from different perspectives. In these sketches, we see women drawn arguably with their true bodies. They are depicted with strong, large bodies.
A portrait painting of Catherine the Second. In this painting, Catherine is painted with very pale skin, a more pear-shaped figure hidden under conservative, fancy clothing reflecting her status.
Breton women sitting in a park among one another. In this piece, the women are dressed very conservatively, in what appears to be similar to pilgrim garb. They are thin, and hidden under many layers.
A young Tahitian woman painted in a sort of Mona Lisa-esque fashion. She is dressed very conservatively in a long dress that shows little skin, and long hair uncovered by a bonnet.
Young Hispanic women painted from the 20s. These women are dressed slightly less conservative than previous counterparts. Their clothing is more revealing of their chests and ankles.
A Picasso-esque painting of two women bruised. A more modern piece in stark contrast to paintings before. Two women painted very skinny and in their underwear. They appear to have many bruises.
Credits: All media
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