Yatziri's Gallery

In this gallery there are pictures that define my personality and style. The theme of my personal gallery is a floral theme because I love all types of flowers and their scent. The majority of these images are paintings and  drawings.

This painting shows these beautiful flowers cut from the garden and have been put in a jar with water. This painting has a lot of texture because of the way the artist chose to use the colors and different values to show a bumpy surface on the table.
In this image it shows chiaroscuro because there is a main light source focusing on the subject of the painting while the rest is black or grayish. This shows a boy holding a bunch of paper flowers and I'm predicting he made them.
In this drawing there are illusions because of all the line incorporated in the flowers. In addition I would say that this picture shows chiarosuro because there is a clear noticable light source that focuses on the drawn blossoms.
In this image shown here I see that there are separated distinct flowers.In flowers petals I notice there faces of children on them. I think that the painter uses tinted and shaded colors of reddish.
Credits: All media
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