Life of Christ

The life of Christ is shown here to explain the parts of our Lord as an actual human being (childhood) and his sacrifical divinity as a part of heavenly participation in the trinity (Passion and High Priest).

Here we have the Nativity or "the birth of Christ" which initiated the human life of our Lord. the nativity story tells us of Mary and Joseph's struggle to find a place to birth the infant Christ, they end up in a stable used for keeping animals this signifies Christ equality with all people not just those of a "higher" importance.
I added this work to shoe that Christ went through all stages of life especially vulnerable infancy. He had to be cared for and nurtured just as we all do, he had no special treatment for his divinity. this video helps understand what Mary and Joseph had to do to the child Jesus he grew up as a carpenter because that is what joseph was. Nurturing jesus into a carpenter of hearts.
The Christ child teaching in the temple shows us His start to ministry even as a child. I thought this was very important to have in my gallery because it is one of the few times we hear of him before his adult ministry.
Christ did not teach us to be self concerned but rather to be concerned for the world as a whole and when he gave Peter the keys to the Kingdom he did so with the purpose of evangelization by having Peter start his Church as the first Pope. His Church is to live on through the ages effecting all people.
A perfect example of Christ's divinity and humanity was the agony in the garden. he was so weak and in so much pain that in the work that we have here it shows an angel helping him from falling over. it is very powerful to see Jesus like this.
this work shows us the amount of hatred the people had for Jesus but if only they knew who he really was they would have changed the course of history and maybe saved Christ, His suffering was nessicary for our salvation though.
His ultimate sacrifice for us was his death on the cross. we see here the wide perspective of that situation. I think it was done so to show the large importance of the situation.
How Beautiful this picture portrays his sacrificial and divine life is amazing. Christ on the cross in unity with the Father and Holy Spirit held high with the saints and holy people in such eye catching color and detail just shows the hard work and importance of the artist.-
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