emotional landscapes

this artwork is realistic in an unrealistic way that shows peace
this peice has a beutiful realistic shimmer from the stars to the water
I belive this piece of art is a real story teller of the night
this piece has a calm and quiet feeling
this is a nice realism feeling
i like the way he has blended the coulor and light
this is a beautiful picture of the northern lights and it gives an epic feel to it
i think this piece is good becuase it gives an epic feeling
i like the fact that this peice can be beatiful and disasterous at the same time
this is a beautiful snapshot of nature in art
this is a nice nature shot
i like the way this looks in the wind
this shows an upclose feeling of nature study
this picture gives a feeling of being up close and high ** sightseeing nature
these next few are nice mountain related beauty shots
i like the creepy feeling to this
this is a nice mountain valley
i like the sea
i quite like this image of the bright sun in the dark valley
this looks nice
i like this
I like the water coulor in this
this is epic
this is creepy
this is amazing
this looks cool
this is nice
this is epic and cool