Art Elements

Line: This picture uses lines because it uses thick, thin, bold lines and more to make the picture.
Shape:This picture uses geometric shape and i know this because it has perfectly straight lines and edges.
Form: This picture uses form because you can walk through it, around, it, and look above them.
Value: This picture shows the value because it is very light in color.
Space: This picture shows a lot of negative space because the picture isn't very big and there is a lot of the backround showing.
Texture: This picture shows texture because you can almost feel the fish. It would feel sharp, and maybe scale like.
Color: There is a lot of color in this picture and there is a lot of hue being used.(Ex:tan hue for the buildings) Also the Value of the picture is bright colors and lastly, The intensity of the hue is bright.
Credits: All media
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