Goral6a--Line Art

I see many lines EVERYWHERE! -on the sidewalk:slightly straight (curved)lings- Umbrella:curvy- Top of back buiding: pointy.These lines make me feel Like I'm there at the area stepping on the sidewalk. The lines also make me feel like it is a normal day in  Paris.
What types of lines do you see? I see curved, straight, overlapping, and circular lines. This makes me feel as if the water is really moving and the animal is actually sipping some water. 
Over here, there are many lines overlapping. I see dotted lines, straight lines, and curvy lines. This makes me feel like nothing is going to happen... for a really long time... 
I LOVE this picture! I see ALL types of lines here. straight, curvy, wavy, abstract, swirly and even squigley! It makes me feel as if everything is moving very, very, very slowly. 
You can see many lines here overlapping and some lines are curved/straight. 
Credits: All media
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