future art/museum visits

Shane Johnson

This painting is titled Paths of Glory from 1917 now located at Imperial War Museums. This painting is oil based on canvas by CRW Nevinson. It is 2 British soldiers left during WWI. The title Paths of Glory first strikes me because of the barbed wire fence. Second the soldiers are left to decompose. My training is to never leave a soldier behind. This painting is something I would love to see in person to sit and look at all the details and think back to reflect on War
This art is titled Angel Soldier 2 by Lee Yongbaek, type is single channel Video. What I feel when I look at this art is something that hits me hard. Some see flowers and people camouflaged into it. I see soldiers still fighting in a surrounding they should be happy. This makes me think of those soldiers who have fought in the war and are now fighting another with PTSD. When I researched more on this art what it actually represents is nothing like I what I see. It is a piece of art I would like to see with my friends that need someone to talk to and let them know they are not in this alone.
Oil Based Painting Titled Preparations for D-Day by Eurich Richard Ernst. I find this painting interesting because of what D-Day stands for. The invasion of Normandy is when things began to turn around against the battle with the Nazis. This painting appears to me as the calm before the storm. A base ready to begin battle.
This is a painting of Stonehenge although what I would like to do is actually see the Stonehenge standing stones in person. Stonehenge was believed to been constructed 3000 BC to 2000BC. This art intrigues me because how were these artists able to hoist the giant slabs of rock on top of each other and I would like to sit and look at why they placed them in the way they did. This is also a piece of art I hope to see in person one day.
This painting is of the locations of the museum I would like to visit, the 9/11 memorial & museum located in Manhattan NY. This museum has objects such as fire fighter suits worn when responding to the terrorists attacks, parts of the buildings that collapsed and so many more things I would love to see. I would like to go here to visit and remember all the lives lost. This is the number 1 museum for me to visit in the future.
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