Paul Gauguin

Paul Gauguin was a post impressionist painter who dropped everything he had and went and traveled around the world to paint in places like Tahiti, French Polynesia, Panama and Tahiti. Gauguin was friends with famous artists like Paul Cezanne and Vincent Van Gogh whom he learned much from. He was also friends with Camille Pissaro who showed introduced him to impressionism. He used the method of synthetism when painting. It emphasized two dimensional flat patterns and focus on pure color and strong lines more than light.

This painting is called Tahitian women at the beach. It depicts the daily life of women in Tahiti which Gauguin loved to do. It also included bold colors and synthetism which showed up in every one of Gauguin's paintings.
This painting was called the Painter of Sunflowers. It was a portrait of Vincent Van Gogh painting sunflowers for his own work. As always the picture had bold colors and few detail along with syntheism.
Washerwomen depicted the women of a native tribe washing the garments of the tribe to wear. This photo showed the simple life that the women of the native tribe lived which Gauguin loved. It was a synthetism work with bold colors as always.
Upa Upa(The Fire Dance) was a painting that depicted the rituals of a native tribe. The ritual was dancing around a fire. This was another daily life painting of the natives which was Gauguin's main theme along with portraits of the women. It had bold colors and showed synthetism.
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