The Fun With Line Weights

The Fun of analyzing the use of line weights within artwork.

The use of diverse line weights within this piece adds a high level of detail on the fiddler. This gives this piece depth and a little bit of emotion.
The soft use of lines give the portrait's head a more soft and realistic look and feel.
The thick use of line weights give these characters a more cartoonish vibe than the norm.
As mentioned before, the soft lines do give a more soft and realistic feel to the portrait head. But the harder line work gives this piece a more textured and more detailed feel to it.
Proper use of line weights can bring your attention on the intended focus on the piece, in this case, all of our attention is focused on the building.
The use of line weight, when use properly, can distinguish objects within the piece. As shown here, we wouldn't tell where the bushes are if the lights were as thick as the buildings, wouldn't we?
The use of line weights play a heavy part when displaying proper atmospheric perspective, as shown in this piece.
The soft use of line weight added with softer use for atmospheric perspective adds a soft and pleasant feel to this environmental piece.
The soft line work give the portrait's face a soft yet more detailed appearance. Perfectly envisioning what personality the person within the portrait have by looks alone.
The soft use of line weight gives this piece not only a more realistic appearance, but it gives off a soft and serene vibe within the piece.
Heavy line weight is used here to give this piece a more comically graphic appearance.
The use of hard thick lines made this environment within the piece seem busy and attentive, as it should typically be in an environment portrayed.
Lines play a valuable role in this piece to give a sense of attention, ceasing from making this piece seem empty.
The gradiation from light, less detailed lines from the left, to more thicker more detailed lines towards the right, gave a sense of volume within this piece.
An appropriate amount of line weight is issued towards the characters within the artwork, so they can stand out of the piece.
Credits: All media
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