Human Forms (pictures)

These pictures to me resemble in what I believe in and what I represent.

This picture proves to us that human drawing have been going for very long and that also means human beings have been around for very long. I've picked this photo because I have always been interested on the kind of art that existed a very long time ago. No one is sure who or what created this.
Angels are watching people everywhere. When your asleep and awake there always there. I choose this because I believe in angels and i always think there around me all the time.
Many people work . If you put the effort and good attitude into what you do then you should be able to go far in life hopefully.I believe men work very especially. Men will work in sun, rain and snow. I picked this because I believe i'm a great worker and put everything i have into what I do.
This is called "Ghost" which was made a couple years ago which was made by Kong Lingnan. This picture reminds me of a gondola that I always rid in Colorado on my way to the mountain. I always loved riding them a kid.
This picture popped right out to me. The red the box door is what got my attention. I feel like someone is at the bottom of this hole and is trying to escape and reach freedom.
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