Repetition: The pattern on this cloth is used throughout his drawing/ picture making it a good example of repetition.
Balance: I used this photo because it displays the exact definition of symmetrical balance. The artist most likely made 2 symmetrical squares as well as another 2 symmetrical squares of this drawing.
Contrast: This teapot is set apart from the pinkish background and can be considered a contrast piece.
Emphasis: The mother strolling her baby sets them apart from the other image and makes you focus more on the mother rather than the snowy background.
Unity: This picture uses the same texture throughout the piece and makes everything belong in the picture.
Proportion: The man is proportional in this picture.
Variety: There are dots and different textures making this photo a variety of sorts.
Movement: The image foreshadows that the horse will move making this picture for movement.
Credits: All media
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