Bill Of rights

1-10 Amendments

Amendment 1 states the peoples rights to basic freedoms and religions
Amendment 2 states the right for a citizen to carry guns if thy have a license
Amendment 3 states solders can no longer force home owners to house and care for them
Amendment 4 states solders are no longer allowed to search and arrest people with out a search warrant and proper evidence
Amendment 5 states a suspect does not have to go back to court after being accused twice
Amendment 6 states any criminal case must be brought to court so a possible suspect can be proven innocent or guilty
Amendment 7 states that if something under the value of 20$ is stolen it is not a judges priority in court and will be resolved when the time opens up
Amendment 8 states that cases should not be resolved in cruel punishment
Amendment 9 states that people are protected by laws that are not clearly stated in the constitution
Amendment 10 states that the power of the federal government does not have goes to the states
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