This looks like peacefull. The colors makes me feel this way. There are wavey lines. Thick lines
This one has lots of texture to it. It has think wavery lines. The colors are like faded
This one looks modern happy. There are verticle lines thats the building the lines are white.
This one makes me feel sad, beacuse there is no color. But the lines are thin
This one reminds me of exciting by all the difftent colors and shapes.
This one also has a texture to it. I think it was made of oil pastels.
This reminds me of mad it looks like if someone would have made thoes thick black lines out of anger.
this one reminds me of caliming it had like a realxing feeling to it. It has like a oil postel texture to it
This one reminds me of overwelming too. Like it has so much too it. IT can also be calrified as texture like the littile box pattern.
This one reminds me of love the lines are like coming out of her heart. The lines are thick.
This picture is overwelming. It has many types of lines vertical. A pattern of like squares.
Mistryes. Curvery sguigly lines
this is exciting. There are like squares and many diffrent paterns
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