Gio's "Rad Art" gallery includes romantic themes such as the beauty and simplicity of nature. This group of artwork from the 1800's Romantic Period portrays peaceful settings, soft colors, and the natural environment. These pieces were carefully chosen due to their aesthetic appeal and soft tone. 

I like this artwork because of the calm, natural colors and lush greenery. The color scheme is calming and reminiscent of untouched nature.
I chose this piece because it portrays the power of nature. The stormy sky can be interpreted as religiously influential. The pastel colors of the sky and water are peaceful and beautiful.
This artwork shows the loss of nature to progress. The lush and green forest is being cut down by the workers, and the gaping hole in the forest is full of tree stumps that were once thriving trees.
I chose this piece because I love the colors that have all been blended together with smooth brushstrokes. The pastel colors of the water, sand and background are calming.
Frederic Edwin Church created a sunset with harsh, visible brushstrokes and bold colors. The vivid colors perfectly capture a sunset's colors and clouds.
This piece shows two people moving through the wilderness, carrying large burdens and observing the peaceful nature around them.
California Spring portrays cows grazing in a natural and peaceful environment. This piece stood out to me because of the bold colors in the sky and flowers throughout the grass.
This artwork has beautiful colors and blending that create a perfect sunset over the ocean. The power and beauty of nature is shown through the vastness of the ocean and beauty of the sunset.
This piece shows civilization as it collaborates with nature. The port city has elements of industrialization as well as remaining influence of nature.
The colors and vivid details of the bouquet in this still-life give it depth and make it more appealing to the eye. The wide range of bright colors within the bouquet make it stand out in the painting
The simplicity of this portrait is what makes it so beautiful. The neutral colors and plain background let the girl stand out in the foreground.
I chose this artwork because the color of the woman's dress stood out immediately. The vivid blue color gives the piece drama and draws the eye to the subject.
The harbor shown in this piece is beautiful to me because of the softness that was created by the artist through smooth, invisible brush strokes and pastel colors.
I like this piece because of the dark, stormy mood and smooth brushstrokes. The darkness of the sky and water contrasts beautifully with the bright sand.
This artwork shows a peaceful environment including a river, a trail, and animals living comfortably. This romantic scene shows the coexistence of nature and emerging civilization.
I chose this piece because it represents the stereotypical views of Native Americans that early Americans spread. The Native American man dressed in American clothes portrays how "savage" they were considered in that time.
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