Up high is the sky

This gallery depicts the many features, ideas and views of the sky. The series of works are engaged with the themes of light and dark, starting from the light and dull artworks to the dark and bright ones. The main theme of this gallery is the changes of the sky throughout the day, month, season and year. The sky will be different in the morning to when it is at midnight. It will also depend on the location when viewing the sky. The sky at this very moment will never be the same anytime or anywhere else. Despite it looking similar and called by the one name, it is never actually the same. The sky is changing every second. Not only do the artworks show that the sky is never the same, it conveys that the mood of the day can differ due to the sky. For example if the sky was dark and foggy, the mood of that day may be gloomy or depressing. An interesting point is that many people tend to say that the sky is like a painting. Maybe that is the main reason why so many artworks have the sky as their subject matter. The artworks of this gallery are all linked to each other. They all display the sky even though some of the artwork's subject matter is not the sky. The artworks are placed in a position where they explain and show the different skies of a day, in the correct order. The main purpose of these artworks is to show different views of the sky. The sky of the work can convey the mood, time and event of the artwork. The colours of the sky can assist with telling the time of day. At night time, the sky is pitch black but in the morning, the sky is usually blue. So while viewing the artworks or looking up at the sky, remember that this sky will never be the same again. Treasure that sky you see right now.

This artwork evidences the subjective frame. (Experience - Personal - Feeling - Reflective - Expressive)
This artwork evidences the structural frame. (Texture - Colour - Shape)
This artwork evidences the cultural frame. (Society - Cultural - Place)
This artwork evidences the post modern frame. (Postmodernism - Installation - New Media)
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