Sadie's Dream Gallery

I chose the Korean Art Museum Association to "run away to" the same way the characters in The Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler ran away to The Metropolitan Museum of Art. I chose this art museum because it is foreign, and I was interested in foreign art and how it related to U.S. art. Turns out I picked correctly, this museum was incredibly fun to "run away" to!

I chose this piece because it is a really beautiful library. I am a huge fan of books, so you could see how a painting of a library would naturally appeal to me. The colors stood out, and everything is really bright and detailed!
This is an amazing piece of art! I chose it because of the surrealistic effect it has on me. When I read the caption, I was shocked to find that it is a real picture, taken with a special kind of film over the camera lens. I want this is my room!
I chose this piece because of the different emotions it makes me feel. When I saw this piece, I felt mad, scared, and sad.
I chose to include this sculpture in my gallery because of its unique appearance. The cool mottled effect makes it look as if someone poured buckets of paint on top of it!
I'm not entirely sure if this is a statue or a photograph, but either way it's really cool! I chose this because I was surprised to find a Michael Jackson piece of art in a Korean art museum!
I chose this photograph because I am into photography and photo editing. I like the rustic feel of this piece!
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