A Line Through Landscapes & Cityscapes

The use of lines in landscapes and cityscapes to direct the viewers eyes from one part of the composition to the other. 

The sloping hill and the line from the shadow help focus our eyes from one side to the other.
The flat horizon line draws our eyes to the middle of the piece and the diagonal light lines pull us back out.
The lines from the clouds help direct our eyes to the middle right side and the line created by the shore lines help redirect our view back to the lower left of the piece.
The lines created by the trees on the left lead us to the hill in the foreground. Which in turn moves our view left to right where we are fought by the hill in the background.
When the darkness meets the light at different intervals we see a layering of lines that slowly make their way to the center of the piece.
The mountains in the background along with the clouds help direct our eyes to the right where the walled city on the right seems to stop or block passage with it's hard vertical lines.
The lines from the tower, hill, and cliffs on the right direct the viewers eyes to the center of the piece which levels out and then leads the eye to the right where it encounters another hill.
The shore line in this piece takes our eyes around the curve of the cove and encourages our eyes to go to the foreground where the process is repeated in a kind of loop.
The horizon line takes the viewer to stonehenge and then to the road. Lines created by shadows and light offer up chance for the eye to wonder off tack and view the complete piece.
The bridge in the background suggests the eyes to move to the right where it meets the edge of the buildings and is directed down to follow the curvature of the road.
The horizon line leads us to the windmill where the light highlights lead us out away from the windmill in many different derections.
The lines formed by the trees in the foreground lead us to the trees in the background. When we follow the horizon line we are sent to an illuminated tree which leads us to the bridge.
The landscape lines in this piece make our eyes move left to right and the foliage directs our eyes vertically around the piece.
The horizon line and the lines from the light and shadows along with the hard lines from the trees help direct your eyes all over the composition.
The lines in the cliff face lead the eyes down the the trees in the foreground which leads you up to the mountains which then lead you back down to the right side of the painting.
The mountains in the background lead you down to the cliffs on the right. which lead you down to the banks of the lake and lets you view the complete piece.
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