Gone, But Never Forgotten

In this Gallery you will see pieces that are all appointed towards the Second World War. Each one of the pieces you will see have a meaningful value to our history of the United States. These paintings will help create a image of what our country went through during the war as well as other countries that were involved during the war. They will introduce the audience to some images of the amazing people that fought for our country, and some of the tragic things that had happened.

This is a photograph of the Attack of Pearl Harbor, this photo was chosen,for the reason that the attack was a major part of the WWII and what helped the decision of the atomic bomb to be dropped on Japan.
This Woodblock print is an image that was a recreation of the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal. It was chosen because this another example of an recreation of a battle that took place during the World War II.
This Painting was a representation of the plane crash at New Guinea during the artist service in the World War. Therefore the paint was chosen for the remembrance it has on the war and the artist's history.
This photograph is a representation of The Liberation of Paris also know as The Battle of Paris. This was a military combat that took place during WWII. This photograph shows some aspect of the war in 1944. Therefore it was added to this gallery.
This is a drawing that a child drew during the time period of the war. This shows the child's visualization of what was being seen during this time period, also the emotions that children experienced, therefore I thought this would help show what children thought during the war.
This painting is a portrait of Private Evelyn Corey, she was woman that served in the Woman's Army Corps. This pastel portrait that was created by the artist Francis Vadeveer Kughler, in the 1944, during the WWII era.
This is a photograph of a women carring a man to the hospital during the blockade. This autolithography is a great demonstration of the struggle that occurred during the time period of the War.
This painting is a great representation of what cities in Europe looked like after the wars occurred. The painting makes you wonder what people suffered from during this time period and make the viewer go through many emotions.
Credits: All media
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