Art Elements

Line- This shows line by having lines from the top to the bottom of the portrait.
Texture- The shows texture because when you zoom in you can see the paint lines and the texture from the portrait.
Shape- This portrait has many organic shapes on it. None of the shapes are geometric.
Hue- This piece of artwork show Hue because of all of the different blues used in this painting. Not just the sky has blue in it, the mountains and the small little city is all blue.
Intensity- This shows intensity because of the light and dark colors used in this picture. The grass in light green and the shadow from the tree on dark.
Form- This shows from because of the shadow and the light shown in this painting. It is really realistic and it almost seems like an actual picture.
Space- This piece of artwork shows Positive space because The mountains are the main focus of the painting and the sky is the Negative space.
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