The Great I Am- Kimberly Pankey

This gallery showcases representations of How God and the stories of the Bible are depicted in Art work. 

This art piece depicts God the father and Standing Christ. Notice the gloomy colors and emphasis on God's face indicating is Power, authority and Glory. The Detail of the clouds in the background give this art work a dark feel.
This art depicts Mary Magdalen running into Jesus after his death and resurrection. The contrast of the dark trees hovering over the garden and the early morning sky with colors of bright blue with hints of green give it a realistic feel.
Beautifully painted, this art work depicts Lazarus, Mary and Martha's brother being raised from the dead by Jesus Christ the son of God. Notice the bright colors and green grass, blue sky, symbolic to life.
This work depicts Jesus handing over the keys to his church over to peter after christ death and resurrection and giving of the Holy Spirit. Contrast between the people and the buidings in the background allow the characters of the painting to stand out.
This Interesting piece depicts an angel of the army of the lord appearing to joshua. The background of grays and blacks and the messenger of the lord being drawn with whites and yellows, shows the glory of the lord being depicted.
This art piece shows Jesus Teaching in a synagogue in Capernaum. There is a good contrast of colors, shown to indicate they are inside, instead of outside. The strong lines up and down for the columns.
This art work depicts the cruxifixation of Jesus Christ, along with thieves on the right and left of him. It also showcases elements of damnation and salvation. Damnation is shown with fire colors such as red, oranges and yellows to indicate a hot, burning Hell. Soft colors like white show salvation with the accepting of Jesus Christ.
This is after the crucifixion, a few of Jesus's Disciples and loved ones carry him to the tomb. The movement of how difficulty moving his limp body. The emphasis on his pierced side with bright red blood running down his body.The use of colors, gray,light gray to indicate sadness.
This piece depicts Jesus at the Well, witnessing to a Samarian woman. Proportion is used here to create an intensity of conversation. Also, translation can be seen here, with Jesus and the woman from Samaria standing directly in front of one another.
This art work depicts Paul, after his damascus road experience, where Jesus appears to him and ask him why his he persecuting his church. Then Jesus, blinded Paul's eyes, after Paul was sent to another Saint to be healed good removed the scales from his eyes changed his name from Saul to Paul, then Paul started to Preach about Jesus Christ. The black and white gives this work a very realistic feel.
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