Music In Motion

Some of the greatest works of art express one key component. The stroke of the particular brush, the curve of each particular line, and the choice of color in a particular piece, all have one thing in common; Movement. Movement can be expressed in so many ways, and these works of art seem to express movement with just the right amount of meaning.

The piece resembles artwork made by sketch pad. Because of the use of only the color black and very good shading techniques, the author manages to create a sense of light and shade using only stencil. The artwork has a dynamic element that jumps off the page, and seems to lift the pilot.
Black-Figure Amphora is a beautiful piece of art. The painting seems to depict two courses carrying someone of importance as civilians stand by. The element of space is certainly relevant here. There is much more positive space used, as opposed to negative space. This lets us know the author's intent to make the scene appear to be crowded.
The Gemma Augustea artwork is filled with movement. There are two scenes parallel to each other. The scene above is a calm scene that shows what looks to be a discussing between two very important people. Underneath that scene, we see fighting and war taking place. The element of color is absent here, relying on 3 dimensional sculpting to tell the story.
The Milkmaid is a painting that details the actions of a woman pouring milk into a vase. There are many prominent elements here. One of them is light. Light is used beautifully in this picture as it shines gently on the woman face and fades away creating a sense of sympathy. Texture is also a key component.
The Love Bomber is my favorite work of art in this collection. It uses color amazing ways. The bright lime and hot pink colors jump off of the wall, right at the viewer. The 3 dimensional element is used through the shadows that create a sense of depth to the train.
Three Lovers is a work of art that is ahead of it's time. It details a sexual encounter and includes many elements that compliment each other to create this masterpiece of movement. The element of value is prominent in this image. The illusion of light and the three-dimensional space created, sets the tone for this romantic display.
The Death of General Wolfe is a work of art that captures a significant moment in history. The clouds create the illusion of movement as they race across the sky going from light to dark. The element of value allows for the focus to be on the general and not the other soldiers.
An Allegory of Passion is a powerful piece. It is the essence of this movement gallery of mine because it captures the aggression behind a human moving with passion. The dynamic element is most prevalent in this image. The horse and human's garments are made to seem like they are being flung. This creates a sense of fast paste movement.
Dancing Scene with Palace Interior is a painting by Johann Georg Platzer. The dynamic and three-dimensional elements are use to perfection here. Garments are lifted slightly to show the effect of gravity and movement at the same time. The image also contains guests entering from the left side of the room and an open window with people looking on.
The Triumph of Venus is a painting with many illusions that cause the viewer to see movement. The water contains ripple and tide effects. There are celestial beings floating toward the distant sky. The element of line is used here as well. The lines that create the human bodies are very curved and cause for vibrant looking actions and skin tones.
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