The exhibit is all about faces and their wonderful colors. The artworks showed beautiful and ecstatic expressions. The goal is to appreciate the beauty of an artwork, to understand the message of the artist and to appreciate the colors. The artists did a great job of producing beautiful artworks that may inspire more artists to do more. These are the Faces and colors that caught my attention.

The artist used a mixture of light and dark gray background to show emphasis on the face. The person in the portrait shows a serious expression
The red outfit of the woman in the portrait makes it more dashing to look at. The happy expression of her face made the portrait light.
The Young lady must be a pet lover since she's with a bird and a dog. It clearly shows that children loves to play around.
The artist used shadows and light to make it more realistic. It compliments the color of the grass as well as the color of the woman's dress.
Since the portrait is from the Renaissance period, it clearly looks old and dark. The woman in the portrait is grieving for his husband and trying to be strong for the child.
The artist gave emphasis to the drama of Judith who's really determined to kill the general.The expression of the general made it more realistic.
This artwork showed Saint Francis receiving the stigmata from the Lord. The artist did a great job on having a black background to give more emphasis to St. Francis and the Lord.
The artist gave meaning to the word "huntress" because of the spear. The expression of the woman also showed pride and strength.
The woman depicted in this painting is Robert Henri’s wife, Marjorie Organ. Organ is also an active member of a fashion institute that is why the spanish scarf gave meaning to the title.
Black and white made it more sophisticated and real. The man in the portrait showed happy expression which contrasts to the black and white that made it look a lot more realistic.
The portrait showed elegance and class. The painting looked real for it showed a good look on the expression of the the girl.
The Dream of Green painting is very appealing. It looks like there is more to it, the message seems deep; that all people are still growing in every possible way for a human to grow.
The faces gave beauty to the wall. The black and white compliments the color of the brick wall.
The street art looked pleasing to the yes especially when there is a plain blank wall. It suits with the taste of the street smart people.
The print looked feminine because of the beauty in it. The woman is a beauty in the manner and the sense of self- possession made it modern.
Credits: All media
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