Cool colored paintings

Works of art that use the cool colors of the color wheel.

I like this piece because of the epic scale on which the painting is situated. The Tower is simply massive, dominating the entire landscape.
I like this painting by van Gogh because it has a serene feel about it. It is calming to gaze at, because of the use of cool colors.
I've enjoyed this painting for years. The cool color palette and the scenery work together very well to create a peaceful tone, overall.
This painting reminds me of a pond in a park that I used to visit when I was younger. This brings back memories of a simpler time.
This is a very creepy painting. They use neutral and cool colors in this painting, as well as warm colors to contrast against the dark background.
I like this painting because of the elegant fashion in which the artist depicts a day in the park.
This painting utilizes cool colors, but still conveys a sense of energy and excitement throughout it.
This painting is on a large scale, and looking at it, I feel a bit depressed. I don't quite grasp the meaning of this painting, but I am still affected, regardless.
This painting uses cool and warm colors to show what I interpret as two young women enjoying a leisurely afternoon.
This painting has a refreshing feeling about it. The woman seems relaxed and at ease in her garden.
Credits: All media
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