The reason behind my choosing to create a gallery with the theme of "black and white" is that I tend to draw designs in black and white. I am a fan of etchings and the straightforward aesthetic black ink provides in artistic pieces.

This reminds me of shoegaze and psychidelic bands such as My Bloody Valentine and Airiel. It looks as though the artist took the circular holed found in a ruled notebook, cut them in half, and scattered them in one of four ways (up, down, left, and right) across the page.
The title, "For Children..." really gets me. Why would Blake use this desolate imahge of an old, bearded man hunched in a dark corridor in a set of work for children?
The perspective on the subject causes the head of the horse to fade. It's as though, the artist used a manual focused camera to focus on the animal's hind side, and blurred the head out.
The detail that went into the pillars and windows is simply spectacular. I like this piece becasuse there's very little use of shading. It's mostly white instead of mostly black.
Reminds me of how frail things were in the past and over time, have become increasingly weak.
The use of thinly distributed black ink causes some parts to look grey. Actually, when looked at from a distance, the piece is greyer than simply black and white.
This didn't strike me as an etching. The expanse of white water is very appealing.
Durer is one of my favorite etchers. There's so much going on in this piece. Given that the subject is Nemesis, there's something rather sordid about the image.
A very clear, fine image for a rather old black and white photo. Then again, I think B&W film allows for higher definition in prints and captures the physical "meat" of the subjects, as well as even the most miniscule of shadows.
Looks like a time lapse, but may not be. A very desolate shot.
Minimalist. Shows potential in variations of similar ideas within a confined amount of space and a strict formula.
A very muddy image which cannot be pulled of with such ease as a camera if tried with paper and pen. Very sinister and almost apocalyptic. I wonder if one may find this serene.
The white expanse and bold, black structures make this a straightforward black and white photograph.
I can picture this as a moving picture.
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