It's a hard Not life

This gallery consist of a variation of slaved and free african americans in the 1800's. Winslow Homer the artist depicted every day african americans living there living, working, and dealing with everyday struggles of their day to day lives. You will see both free and slaved blacks but you will discover that their lives are still very much similar. There are still struggles for the blacks even within their freedom.

This painting is called the bright side. This painting shows a group of free and run away slaves resting after a long day of work. These group of men were serving in the civil war as union soldiers.
This painting is called Sunday Morning in Virginia. The painting is showing a group and children learning. The teacher is teaching the kids to read the bible and they are more than eager to learn.
This painting is called After the Hurricane, Bahamas. This painting shows a young black man washed up on the beach with nothing but the rubble of his boat. The artist had a love for the Bahama's weather
This painting is called the mountains depicts four women hikers climbing a mountain in Adirondacks. Homer was one of the first artist to capture women performing physical leisure activities.
This painting is called the cotton pickers. These two young ladies have a look of sadness and dismay on their faces. They were picking cotton before the war and they find themselves doing the same after.
This painting is called a visit from the old mistress. This painting show former slaves gathered around and their previous mistress. When the ladies where in bondage they where required to stand in her presence.
This painting is called Early Evenings also known as sailors take warning. There are you young ladies and a man standing on what looks like a cliff. Its looks as if these two ladies are knitting.
This painting is called west india Divers. This painting show natives doing everyday daily task. In this photo the naitives are fishing for conch. Homer loved capturing the naitives daily activities.
This painting is called Near Andersonville or also known as at the cabin door. In this painting there is a black woman standing in the doorways of slave shack looking out at the union soldiers pass by.
This piece of art is called To the Rescue. This artwork consist of three passengers who seem to be in a rush to some where. The painter seemed to be depicting the passenger rushing to a disaster scene.
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