does dignity define us?

All the characters from the books we have read seem to share the same theme; dignity. All of the characters seemed to lack dignity, they had no self respect, minimal pride, and low self- esteem. 

I chose this piece because it represents how a lot of characters in books that we have read in class put on a front to "mask their emotions and dignity." Gilgamesh and Freud represented a positive dignity, while the characters in Candide and Yellow birds represented a negative dignity. Gilgamesh and Freud were powerful people who had a lot of pride and self-worth but underneath their mask they were dark and at times insensitive. Pangloss who is a character from Candide puts on a mask because he faces so many tragedies in his life but tries to remain positive. Bartle from the Yellow Birds, mask his dignity by acting like a tough soldier when really he's vulnerable.
This art piece was created to show how soldiers fight for their country and risk their lives and in return they get nothing from society. Soldiers just come back with battle wounds and PTSD. This shows that soldiers dignity is destroyed by society. In the Yellow Birds, Bartle did not have any self- respect for himself nor did society. His friends and family only worried about Murphy's death and not that Bartle was home safely. This also ties along with Sigmund Freud because in the book Civilization and Discontents he writes about fundamental tensions with civilization and an individual. He believes that laws are taking away our dignity and happiness, society is agreeing and following these laws.
This picture represents Bartle and Murphy and how they fought for their lives in battle and had no dignity and pride because Bartle was facing PTSD.
This represents Gilgamesh how he is strong and evil looking and chooses to kill people in order to cover up his vulnerable side.
Freud believes that " the unconscious is a place where we bury conflicts that we do not want to deal with such as painful memories or unacceptable thoughts."
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