The Faces We Are Faced With - Lea Cuatt

     There are many different core human emotions, and various ranges for each. My gallery takes a quick look at a mixed assortment of art from different mediums, styles, and eras representing ten of these emotions, paying particularly close attention to the human expressions related to each. The emotions you will view in this gallery include: anger, joy, grief, anxiety, surprise, trust, fear, love, pride, and jealousy.

This is a sculpture of an older man, who appears to be very angry. Anger being one of the core human emotions, this piece fits well into my themed gallery. The exaggerated lines in his mouth, neck, eyes, and nose really bring out his human emotion of anger. The artist even used implied texture of the skin to make the face more human.
This marble statue is a prime example of the human emotion of Joy. The long, narrow figure of this young woman forces the viewer’s eye to move from top to bottom of this work. Even the subtle curves of her body are all generally vertical, giving the illusion of upward movement, leaping for joy. The texture of her skin is smooth, implying youth, which is also associated with joy.
This etching incorporates a lot of various light values to assist in embellishing the human emotion of Grief. The artist used dramatic shadowing on the faces and hands to bring out the expressions of sorrow. The young girl’s face however has very minimal shadows. The implied texture of her skin is very smooth, giving the feeling of peace.
The human emotion of Anxiety can be very difficult to define, because it can be caused by many things. This artwork appears to be portraying anxiety for impending danger. The artist made his character resemble a 1950’s type housewife, which was the “Leave it to Beaver” era. The contrast makes the portrayal of anxiety offset, and thus more prominent.
This is a painting depicting Venus and Mars being surprised as Venus’ husband Vulcan unveils their adulterous relationship. In addition to their obviously horrified expressions, the artist uses bright colors to emphasis the element of surprise. Also notice the contrast in Venus and Mars’ expressions from the expressions of the Gods surrounding their bed. This even further adds to the feeling of surprise.
This photograph shows the unwavering trust a child has for her mother. The family is obviously not very well off, as the children are half dressed, and messy. The mother seems very young, but also very tired. Regardless of all that is wrong in their life, the young girl still exhibits trust in her mother. The line of her body, and the way she leans forward to press against her mother enforces this emotion.
In this graffiti art the artist uses color to set the tone for the human emotion of fear. Blue has a very cold annotation, and fear is a very cold emotion. The artist’s use of space also greatly contributed to the emotion being portrayed. The girl is very big, making the negative space seem very small, like she's hiding.
Love comes in many forms. This painting depicts a noticeably older man with a young woman. The textures of their skin are very different, annotating a severe age difference. The old man holds the young woman in a loving embrace, offering her jewelry. She however is not embracing him, rather she seems amused by him.
In America, pride is very synonymous with military. This advertisement plays off this emotional vulnerability by portraying a Soldier standing tall and proud. The dramatic lighting contrast over his serious expression, in conjunction with the excess of negative space which makes it feel as if he is standing out on the battlefield, contributes to the perceived expression of pride over the young man’s face.
Jealousy can at times be an expressionless emotion. Notice how the young woman’s expression is very bleak. She is not angry or sad, but she is not happy either. She seems to just be not satisfied. The artist used a lot of curled lines, particularly in her hair, to portray her restlessness. He also used depth-of-field within the negative space to show here longing for what she doesn’t have.
Credits: All media
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