Christianity: The one true faith

This gallery has artwork that has to do with people from the Bible. Where you get to see Mother Mary, Jesus, Paul and many others. Created by Justin Lerro

This is Mother Mary. She gave birth as a virgin to the Lord Jesus Christ. God did this to prove his power that he can have his son enter the world through a virgin. This artwork is so beautiful and represents the person well and she is a big deal in christianity.
This is Jesus Christ on the cross in Golgotha. This art shows Jesus being crucified and beaten by his supposed lawlessness. But in reality he died to forgive us of our sins.
This is Paul formally called Saul. This artwork portrays the man that used to be called Saul until Jesus showed himself to Saul and Saul repented of his sins. The lord changed his name to Paul because he went from jailing christians to helping them.
God: The one and only. This art shows God and his humble and greatness. God is considered the one and only ruler by christians the creator of the world.
The Tabernacle a sacred place to the Israelites. This is a place where God chose to meet his people during the 40 years of wondering in the desert under Moses. Christain leaders and people came here to worship and give sacrifices for their sins.
The 12 Disciples were handpicked by Jesus to help him. Here you can see the men and how they interacted together.They were too spread the word of the Lord too the ends of the earth this was also told too all Christians.
The last meal Jesus had with the 12 disciples before he was crucified. The art shows how Jesus enjoyed the fellowship of his disciples and friends. After this night Jesus was arrested to be killed. They are "christ followers".
The Garden God created for Adam to live in. This painting shows Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. its where Christians know the world started.
Moses with the 10 Commandments. Here you can see Moses retuning from the mountain with the 10 Commandments for Christians to follow. The painting shows how people looked at him.
The Scroll of the Temple. This shows the Temple Scroll part of the Dead Sea Scrolls. This beautiful art of this photo is damaged but still shows a great piece of christian history.
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