Sydney hnatusko

Color schemes

The color scheme identified is "Monochromatic". The color used to create this scheme is purple. The mood created by this artwork is dark and mysterious.
The color scheme identified is complementary colors. Guerard used shades of green as the background and red in the skeletons. This created a mood of eeriness.
The color scheme identified is cool colors. Zimka used shades of green, purple, and blue when painting the objects/people in this artwork. This creates a mood of grunge.
The color scheme identified is analogous colors. Hodgkin used yellow with yellowgreen, red, redorange, and red, and blue with bluegreen for the brush stroke effect. This created an artsy mood.
The scheme identified is warm colors. Iwasaki used reds and oranges in the flower to show warm colors. The mood of this artwork is calm.
Credits: All media
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