the effects of war

From the people who fight in the war to the people effected by it.

The artist uses rounded shapes for the nurses to show health verses more linear and pointed prisoners to show the opposite as well as the inclusion of vibrant colors with the contrasted dark colors, respectfully.
With a grayed out city, except for a single, red building, you can see the devastation brought by war. The red building is the only one not destroyed which shows that you might get lucky and still have a home to go back to.
A sole survivor in a sea of the beaten. This is a good way to show and describe war.
Shades of gray depict the depression brought about by war and death. The dead, both fresh and skeletons; the living... They look like just like the dead. It just goes to show that surviving a war physically, does not mean you'll survive mentally.
The dark green contrast of the living and the light green of the dead against the white of the snow allows you to see the stark reality of what war does. Pushing on in the face of death is what these men had to do.
Four panels that depict the flow of war. From the beginning when they set out, to the battle itself to the survivors and the dead. The never ending cycle of what war is about. Using dark colors with little contrast, you can feel what the artist is trying to say.
Imagine, you're running up the line to prepare for combat and you find two of your buddies face down in the dirt. How would you feel? This is what many men and women see when they go to war. The psychological damage is enormous.
A single room of crying men and women. All wounded and dying. With the single commander standing the middle shrouded in darkness, you can see his depression permeate the air as the soldiers scream in agony around him.
Imagine this. A single nurse helping a soldier recover from war. Now take that and scale it 100 times. This is the happiest moments you can find during a time of war. People who willingly sacrifice their lives, get hurt but recover. You can see this is the nurses face as the image captures the joyousness of the moment.
Desolate streets as everyone is forced to evacuate their homes. The few rays of light despite an open roof would seem to insinuate the clouds from fires, artillery, etc. Completely in gray, you can see the finer details of what war does to the less fortunate.
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