nepal and Pakistan

I picked this portrait because it is the marriage of the Rajput prince and the Nepalese princess.
I picked this from Nepal because it has the god Durga killing the buffalo demon
I picked this picture for Nepal because it shows them having a ritual or a celebration in the Kathmandu Darbar Square.
I picked this picture for Nepal because it is the Sonihm-tol Siva and Brahamn Agama temples.
Lastly I picked this picture for Nepal because it shows pray for Nepal. And because it is in the palace square of Kathmandu Valley.
I picked this are piece because it looks like a god like story. I also picked it because it was made in 1935 and looked like a very important painting.
I picked this seated Buddha because Buddha it very important to their religon.
I picked this cart for Pakistan because it looked really weird and it is use on religous celabrations.
I picked this sculpture of Buddha because it is four scenes from the life of Buddha.
Credits: All media
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