Life on the Farm for an Animal

When people typically think of agriculture, the first thing that comes to their mind is the farm.  Being within the college of Agriculture and Life Sciences, I know that there is so much more to agriculture than just farm life, but there is no doubt that the farm is a great aspect of agriculture and a beautiful one at that as well.  Throughout this gallery, I chose to focus on many pieces of farm animals and the natural environment in which they live in.

I chose this painting to include into my art gallery because it resembles what I would picture as the daily life on a farm. The cows in the background really make if peaceful and inviting.
This painting I chose to include because it shows the detailed face of the most common farm animal, the cow, and the typical look it possesses.
I chose this painting because it is clear how vast farms can become. This farm possesses beautiful landscaping and shows how wonderful the farm can be.
This painting shows how amazing the relationship between the farm animals and the farmers can be. It also depicts a beautiful country night.
This picture was chosen to show a realistic depiction of the farm life. The farm is not always fun and clean, for it is very filthy most of the time.
Credits: All media
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